S60 Internet Radio


I developed the S60 Internet Radio (implementing the shoutcast protocol) at work, while working for Nokia. The application was made public on Forum Nokia, as an example multimedia application.

S60 Internet Radio was the first such application (featuring media decoding and real-time networking) on S60 phones and probably the first shoutcast/internet radio application on a mobile device. The first phone to feature it was Nokia 6630, which was the first S60 phone to support mp3 (and AAC) decoding in hardware and 3G network, making such an application possible. Nokia 6630 had a single core ARM processor running at 220MHz and 10MB RAM, so the application had to be very optimised: while the audio was received from the network, decoded and played, there was no memory allocation or memory copying, otherwise the phone was not capable of handling the processing loop.

Fun facts: all the UI elements between the two bars are just different labels put at different positions on the screen, because I only knew the label element at that time. Also, I am probably the only one who knows what the "Price" (0.9) represents and why it is there.