MLauncher was an audio player for Nokia S60/Symbian phones that I have created as an open-source project, in my spare time, while working for Nokia. I started it while working for S60 Multimedia because the official S60 music player did not support playing folders, a feature that I (and many others) wanted. MLauncher was working on all S60 3rd edition and above phones.

MLauncher was a very popular application, featuring on many forums about S60 applications. It was very popular with the blind and semi-blind community since it worked well with a screen reder and worked well too with audiobooks. It featured many advanced features that were either not available on the S60 music player (e.g. crossfading) or MLauncher implemented them much faster (e.g. MLauncher's metadata parsing was about 18 times faster than the one in the S60 music player).