• 2016 - present

  • My role: SW architecture, implementation, deployment, maintenance, operations. UI/UX design done by somebody else (but implemented by me).

GWAP financial is an investing platform, targeted at investors who want a certain control over their investments (as opposed to funds offered by banks where you cannot change anything) and who also want to start from a professionally made strategy/portfolio. You can read more on the platform's webpage at

GWAP is available as a PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android Application.

Technically GWAP is mostly a web application with a C++ based add-on on the desktop (PC and Mac) to allow trading through Interactive Brokers. Financial data and user data are kept in a MySQL database. Financial data is collected daily, after closing, from 2 data providers (IEX and AlphaVantage) and some metrics are computed on the server, all done by a server written in C. There is a 3rd server (Node.js) collecting and distributing (via websockets) intraday prices. There are components and special accounts that allow the platform to be used to host a virtual "investing contest" between groups of participants. This was piloted with students from several colleges in Dubai (UAE).